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Projectmates Construction Project Management Software

About Trinity River Authority of Texas

The Trinity River Authority of Texas is a conservation and reclamation district providing water and waste water treatment, along with recreation and reservoir facilities, for municipalities within the nearly 18,000-square-mile Trinity River basin. The Authority owns and operates five water treatment facilities, five wastewater treatment facilities and one recreation project, plus managing water sales from four reservoirs. The Authority also maintains a master plan for basin-wide development and serves as a conduit for tax-exempt financing for municipal projects and as a local sponsor for federal water projects.

Since 2004, The Authority has relied on Projectmates to help manage and oversee construction and improvement of its capital assets. Documenting and managing projects in Projectmates has proved to offset the risk to Trinity River Authority significantly over the years. "Photograph documentation of our projects is very important with respect to claims that are filed by contractors," said Mike Querry, Construction Inspector Supervisor for TRA. "Using Projectmates to document the activities in question and having it available to the necessary personnel and management has helped to reduce the issues as they arise."

TRA has found Projectmates construction project management software has improved project delivery and is easy to use. Projectmates' completely web-based platform facilitates communications among multiple TRA departments and outside stakeholders. Project delivery has improved with more accurate and faster review times of proposal requests, change orders, and submittals.

"We also make the plans, specifications and contractor submittals available to multiple departments throughout the course of the project. This has greatly helped to reduce the volume of questions that arise during the project," said Mike. "After using Projectmates for several years, our engineers and contractors have found it to be very user friendly."

About Projectmates Construction Program Management Software

Today's Public Works projects are more intense than ever before. Projectmates web-based construction project management and collaboration software allows clients to thrive in this environment with real-time, up-to-the-minute access to the most accurate information to keep each team member on target and reducing critical downtime.

Projectmates is the most comprehensive online project management software available today. The software integrates multiple online construction program management tools to create collaborative project management software — meaning each team member can view project schedules and tasks as well as enter their own updates from the field to capture accurate data in real time.

The first key element in a great web based project collaboration software for Public Works construction is a robust online Document Management platform. Projectmates Construction Document Management Software allows the sharing of any type of documents and includes a built-in document viewer to allow users to open documents directly in the Projectmates online construction project management portal.

In addition to document management, Projectmates web based project management software includes several features key to construction accounting software, including bid management software, contract management software, and the ability to exchange data between Projectmates and other accounting software.

Projectmates construction project management software also includes powerful Construction Program Reporting software. Projectmates Portfolio enterprise project reporting includes a Global Dashboard Software which enables construction executives to track each project’s construction progress, budgets, and changes in real time. The construction project enterprise reports can also be scheduled for automatic email delivery.

See for yourself why Projectmates’ online construction management software suite for Public Works projects is the standard by which all others are measured- no other software for Public Works projects integrates more features in such an easy to use format. Get in the game — Get Projectmates.

Projectmates Web-based Software for Construction Projects
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